The History Behind Companions

For many years, travelers from all over the world have used services that provide companions for their travels. No matter how long the trip or where the destination may be, services have popped up all over the globe that can help match a traveler to their perfect accompanying mate. A man by the name of Jens Jurgen began the first traveling companion service back in 1982, but he never imagined it would explode into the industry it has become in today’s society.

In the beginning of the companion journey, Jurgen set out to simply create a way for people to get around the stigmas of traveling single. For instance, when traveling on a cruise, there are higher fees and different amenities for people traveling single compared to travelers who are coupled. Jurgen wanted to create an idea for travelers to find a companion who would accompany them on their adventure. He derived an idea for clients to fill out a questionnaire style form detailing habits and interests for the traveler and what the traveler would be interested in as far as a companion was concerned. Jurgen would use his own judgement to find a perfect matching companion to accompany the client on their expedition. Eventually, Jurgen found that over 70% of his clients were requesting someone of the opposite sex.

Jens Jurgen discovered that not only had he created a way to save single travelers some money and headache, he found that he had established a way for people with similar interests to come together and enjoy the amenities that the world has to offer. Jurgen, without intending to, had created an almost matchmaker style service that gave travelers a new hope for compatible companionship on not only journeys, but possibly for everyday life. He managed to turn his simple money saving idea into a global phenomenon that is now offering travel companions to every style traveler and every destination goal.